Save Your Marriage Intensive- Year-end Special

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Are you at an impasse in your relationship?

Are you on the verge of divorce and need emergency intervention to save your relationship?

If you have contemplated scheduling a 2-day Save Your Marriage Intensive with Rabbi Slatkin, now is the time.  It is often hard for couples to take time off of work. Being that the next two weeks are holiday weekends, if you sign up now for  a 2-day Save Your Marriage Intensive for Sun Dec 23-Tue 25 (one of those two days) or Sun Dec 30-Tue Jan1, you will receive $100 off the regular fee.

Read the below testimonial from the latest attendee. To paraphrase her words- “you can’t afford not to do it.”

My husband and I were on the verge of separating and probably divorcing. Just prior to my taking the necessary steps to make that happen, my husband asked me if I would be willing to consult with Rabbi Slatkin first. We had previously considered asking Rabbi Slatkin for help, but did not follow through, and, instead sought help elsewhere. Although, the other help we sought was useful, we found that we were at an impasse and could make no further progress.

I agreed and asked Rabbi Slatkin to schedule us for his intensive program as I thought nothing less than something INTENSIVE could possibly help us at that point. Rabbi Slatkin recognized my urgency and was very responsive, scheduling us within a few days.

I must admit that although I was willing, I was definitely not optimistic, nor was I entirely open to us working things out with each other. I was only open to the slight possibility that our marriage could continue.

However, I was convinced that Rabbi Slatkin would be providing me a safe place where I could at the very least, say what I wanted to say without fear of my husband’s reaction. I no longer felt I had anything to lose. Knowing a very little bit about Imago, I thought I might also find out some valuable things about myself whether or not my husband and I were able to work things out.

To my surprise, all three happened. I said what I wanted to say, I found out some extremely important things about myself, AND my husband and I both feel we have a good chance at marital success now that we know more information about each other and have tools to utilize to assist us in maintaining the open lines of communication in our marriage.

This was an extremely expensive solution that we could not afford to NOT do. We are both extremely grateful to have been able to take Rabbi Slatkin’s intensive program.

Contact Rabbi Slatkin today at 443-570-7598 or by filling out the form below to book your special rate as there are only two spots available (one per weekend).

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