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The first step in both entering a relationship and salvaging a relationship is commitment. We speak about this at length in our forthcoming product,  The Marriage Restoration Project- The Five-Step Action Plan to Saving Your Marriage. When couples commit to their relationship, they shift the energy forward, so instead of being fixated on what’s wrong with the relationship, they are able to muster the courage to focus on making their relationship the best it can be.

I had a moving experience last week with a couple who flew in for a 2 day Save You Marriage Intensive . As we began our first day, it was clear that the relationship was in limbo. One spouse admittedly was unable to fully commit and they were hoping this experience would help generate some traction for the relationship. We delved into some of their relationship issues, and began to learn new ways of being in relationship. It wasn’t until day 2 that the “elephant in the room” was addressed. It was an intense experience for both. As they returned from their lunch break, we crafted a joint relationship vision. At the conclusion of that exercise, the reluctant spouse proclaimed, “I ‘m committed.” The other spouse, a bit surprised, mirrored back with tears, “you’re committed.” Then the spouse asked, “really?” It was a touching moment, a real breakthrough. There was no need to lecture about why to commit, it was a natural outgrowth of the experience of really getting conscious about the relationship and what was holding both of them back from moving forward. They were now motivated and ready to move forward and begin rebuilding their relationship together.

So many couples feel stuck and can’t see how their relationship can possibly move forward. The intensive experience allows couples to explore in a relaxed and safe environment and accomplish something that would be quite challenging to do so quickly in a weekly session. Imagine 12 hours over two days with your spouse where you focus exclusively on your relationship. In order to really change and commit, we need an intensive experience. With Rosh HaShana approaching, we have an annual opportunity to recommit to G-d, to make a conscious choice to do things differently this year and to write ourselves in the book of life.  Rosh HaShana is a 2 day intensive for our relationship with G-d. As we spend two days in intense prayer, we reawaken our desire to be in relationship.

As we approach a new year, there is no better time to have a two-day intensive experience with your spouse, a life-changing opportunity where you can really focus on your relationship and what is important in life as well as recommit and create real change. While it is easy to hope things will change, this is an opportunity where you will walk away seeing it with your very eyes.

The last week of August is my last opening for a 2-day Marriage Restoration Intensive before Rosh HaShana. If you would like to enter the New Year with a new commitment to your relationship and the feeling that you have made real change in this time of introspection before Rosh Hashana, fill in the form below or call 443-570-7598.





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