90 Minute Telephone Therapy Session

The only thing that separates you from benefiting from 90 valuable minutes of a telephone therapy session is a phone (and/or computer with high speed internet and a webcam).  People from all over the world have been able to transform their relationships with the assistance of modern technology. Now you can too….

If you are used to the traditional in-person therapy session and are wary of the power of the benefits of a telephone therapy session, here are a few points.

Benefits of a Telephone Therapy Session

Convenience– With a telephone therapy session you don’t have to rush out the door to make an appointment or worry about dodging traffic. You even save commuting time and gas costs!

Choice– You get to have the practitioner of your choice. You have read what I have written, you feel like I could assist you, and there should not be any deterrent for you to benefit from my services.  In other words, you deserve the best help out there, regardless of distance. While you always have the option of traveling or bringing me to your location, you too can enjoy the benefit of a therapy session over the phone.

Privacy– You never have to worry about running into someone you know in the waiting room. If you don’t live in Baltimore, you also don’t have to worry about seeing me at the bakery, the pizza shop, or in shul.  While I have plenty of local clients who don’t mind bumping into me around town, for others it can be uncomfortable having someone in your community know the intimate details of your relationship. Now you can have a therapist you can trust and who understands your community but doesn’t live there.  And if you would feel more comfortable and provide consent, I am more than happy to be in contact with your local Rabbi to answer any questions.

Bring calm to your house– You get to have the calming energy of a telephone therapy session in your home.  Couples enjoy in-person therapy sessions and wish they could bring some of that positive energy into their home. Now you can!

Is a Telephone Therapy session Right for You?

But I can’t see you in a phone therapy session- Even, if you came into my office you would be spending almost all of the time looking at each other, as our work is focused on your relationship as the healing mechanism.

If you are concerned about me not being able to see you, this can actually be beneficial as it allows me to be even more attuned to what you are saying and the tone and inflection of your voice, without the distraction of visual stimuli.

However, if it is important to you that we see each other, I have been amazed how simple it is to have google chat/skype video sessions.

I’m a technophobe- Is scheduling a phone therapy session going to be too complicated?
I’ll admit, I was a little wary before my first video therapy session but it is so easy you won’t believe it. For google chat, all you need is a google account and a web cab. With a push of a button you can see the other person crystal clear.

If you prefer a telephone therapy session, all you need is a speakerphone or two phones with an ear piece or a bluetooth.

Are telephone therapy sessions as effective?
My clients who have voiced this same concern have been pleasantly surprised as to how effective their telephone therapy session is, even after they have experienced full day in-person intensives. (click here to learn more about why this option might work best for you). Clients over the phone experience the same deep connection and positive results as they would in-person. They are able to learn the skills and achieve dramatic transformations in their relationship without ever meeting me in person!

Click here for pricing information regarding scheduling your first phone therapy session.