Bring Rabbi Slatkin to your community!

Communities around the world have benefited from Rabbi Slatkin’s presentations and seminars. (Click here to view our press kit for a list of venues and to read what audiences are saying.) Now you too can learn the tools to transform your relationships in an interactive and entertaining format.

Rabbi Slatkin offers a wide variety of speaking services from keynote speaches to full-day seminars. Each program is customized to meet the needs of your group. The length, content, and mix of lecture/seminar/Q&A are determined based on your group’s needs.


Each presentation is tailored to suit your schedule and customized for your event. The following program formats are available:

  • 30 minute keynote
  • 1 hour lecture
  • 2 hour seminar experience
  • Full day/2 day seminar

Rabbi Slatkin is also available to present Couplehood as a Spiritual Path for Jewish Couples, a course he edited and co-authored with Drs Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt (founders of Imago Relationship Therapy),  in a 2 day retreat format. Lectures and full day seminars are available for singles, premarried/engaged couples, married couples, and clergy.

For more information or to schedule a presentation please call 443-570-7598 or email below.

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