Maryland Marriage Counseling

How would you like to experience what one client called “the most relaxing time of her week”? This was after she experienced a few Imago therapy sessions with her husband in our local Maryland marriage counseling office.

Weekly In-Person Imago Couples Therapy sessions in our Maryland Marriage Counseling Office are the perfect opportunity for you to create a sacred time for your marriage. In these sessions we will create an environment for you to reconnect, repair, rebuild, and strengthen your marriage with noticeable progress week in and week out.

You may have been inspired to work on your marriage by a workshop or lecture or after reading a book. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to maintain the momentum on your own.

Imago Couples therapy sessions serve as a “Personal Trainer” for your marriage, providing weekly motivation, maintenance, and accountability.

How long does Marriage Counseling take?

A Minimum of 12 Weekly Imago Couples therapy counseling sessions in our local Maryland office is recommended in order to facilitate the growth process that will occur. A more lasting change can occur when skills are learned easily and built upon weekly in order to create lasting change and promote new relationship habits. As you are learning new tools that you can apply on your own at home, it is important to have the opportunity to practice them in the safety of our Maryland marriage counseling office, until you feel comfortable doing it on your own at home.

All couples are different. You will experience faster results depending on how ready and motivated you are to take part in the process.

What if I am not local and cannot see you in your Maryland office?

If you are not able to travel weekly to my Maryland marriage counseling office, and you want the same benefits that the weekly local sessions provide, we do offer marriage counseling sessions over Skype.

Intensive sessions are also idea for the couple that lives outside of our Maryland marriage counseling offices. Click here to learn more about the Marriage intensives that we offer.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about beginning counseling with us in our local Maryland offices at 443-570-7598. We can also discuss Rabbi Slatkin traveling to your location if travel to Maryland is just not feasible for you.