Clergy Marriage Counseling & Marriage Workshops

You didn’t become a Rabbi to be a marriage counselor, yet as a leader of a congregation, you are often the go-to person for couples when the going gets rough. You have a unique opportunity to help couples both in your work with them and your referrals to resources that help. Rabbi Slatkin is here to serve as a resource to you to become more aware of the dynamics of relationship and to guide couples in the right direction.

Here are four things you can do to become more effective with your couples:

1) Click here to download the free special report- What You Can Do to Help Your Couples.

2) Private consultations- Personal coaching sessions/ case consultations with Rabbi Slatkin over the phone to discuss difficult cases you are dealing with.

3) Rabbinic training- Have Rabbi Slatkin train your local Rabbinical council, Smicha program, or Kollel. Length and content of program can be scheduled based on your community’s needs.

4) Private Counseling Sessions for Clergy- Even Rabbis can use assistance with their own relationship. As the leader of your community, it may be uncomfortable to seek help locally for your own marriage. With the power of technology, you can get the help you need from someone who understands your unique circumstances and protect your privacy at the same time. By working on improving your own relationship you will be much more effective in helping other couples who seek your assistance. This is also perfect for Shluchim who live in isolated communities.

Here is what other Rabbis are saying about the power of this work:

“Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin has done truly outstanding work in helping couples strengthen their marriages and grow together as human beings and Jews. His emphasis on honest open communication,on self-understanding ,and on using the challenges of life as a springboard for personal transformation has changed many lives for the better.I enthusiastically endorse both him and his techniques.”  Yitzchak A. Breitowitz,Rabbi,Woodside Synagogue,Silver Spring,Maryland.

“Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin’s approach to relationship therapy is truly revolutionary. His efforts to mend damaged relationships are widely recognised and are to be commended. The members of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria benefited greatly from their recent meeting with Rabbi Slatkin, who provided valuable tips on matters such as conflict resolution and relationship counselling. His groundbreaking approach to shalom bayis is helping couples the world over and I wish him ongoing success. Rabbi Yaakov Glasman, President, Rabbinical Council of Victoria

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