Pre-Marital Counseling & Pre-Marital Workshops

Now is the perfect time to make the best investment for your relationship.

The two reasons why marriages fail are unrealistic expectations and lack of tools.  Be one step ahead of the game and learn what to expect in a relationship as well as practical tools that will help you weather any storm you may encounter as well as deepen your love and connection.

Perhaps you are here because you are already experiencing challenges, are having some fears about your upcoming marriage, or have broken off your engagement.  Plenty of relationships have been saved and successful marriages have resulted as an outcome of this premarriage work.

Here is how you can prepare for relationship success:

1) Download our free resources– a) 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Married E-course. b) How to Fix a Broken Engagement Special Report.

2)      Sessions- As little as four sessions for couples to learn some of the basic relationship skills that they will need for a successful relationships. Engaged couples that are facing actual issues in their relationship will usually need more time.  Married couples wish they could have done this work when they were engaged as it would have same them a lot of time, money, and heartache. Click here to find out more information about sessions.

3)      Premarital Seminar– An interactive seminar combining lecture, demonstrations, and  exercises where couples learn about the stages of relationships and practical skills.  A favorite wedding gift for parents to give their children. Contact Rabbi Slatkin today to schedule a Premarital Seminar in your community.

Rabbi Slatkin is happy to discuss your personal situation and can best be reached by the confidential email form below. He will respond to you within 48 hours.

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