The Five Love Languages

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How to express your love in the way that speaks to your spouse. as published on “You don’t really love me!” How many times have you heard your spouse make that proclamation? “How could it be?” you ask, as you list all of the myriad ways in which you express your love. What many […]

Relationship Rabbi update

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A lot has happened since our last post. 1) We are in the mixing stage of the new audio product for the Five Step Action Plan to Saving Your Marriage. Your input has been helpful. Click here to read our last post about it. 2) I spoke in Rochester, NY last Sunday night on the […]

The 5 Step Action Plan to Saving Your Marriage- coming attractions

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That’s me in the recording studio working on the soon to be released audio product of The 5 Step Action Plan to Saving Your Marriage. More than just a book on tape, this program will provide all new material not in the book as well as expand upon some of the principles you have already […]

Save Your Marriage Intensive- Year-end Special

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Are you at an impasse in your relationship? Are you on the verge of divorce and need emergency intervention to save your relationship? If you have contemplated scheduling a 2-day Save Your Marriage Intensive with Rabbi Slatkin, now is the time.  It is often hard for couples to take time off of work. Being that […]

5 Things Your Child Wishes You Knew…But Won’t Tell You

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as published on As parents, you surely want the best for your children. You focus tremendous amounts of energy on trying to provide the ideal nurturing environment for them. That is why it can be so frustrating when you see your child struggling and you don’t know how—or if—you can help. Whether your kids […]

Becoming a More Appreciative Person

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One of my favorite exercises my couples learn is how to show appreciations. Below is an email from an old client who shares, a year later, how this exercise has changed her life. She gave me permission to publish her email. Names have been changed. As we have entered the month of Kislev where we […]

Can you learn from rude people?

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A reader commented on about my recent article on projection:   I have to disagree with the Rabbi that the traits you see in others, could be that you are projecting what you don’t like about yourself. I don’t like rude, nasty people, who are so self-absorbed that they cannot even listen to one […]

Projection: If You Spot It You Got It

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What you can’t stand in your spouse may be your own reflection. from What drives you crazy about your spouse? Do you have a judgment that your husband is controlling and cheap? Do you feel that your wife is impulsive and irresponsible? If you take a few moments to reflect on the very traits […]

Non-Verbal Communication and the Presidential Debates

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If we learned anything from the Presidential debates, we learned that body language counts. Your gestures and movements speak louder than words. Here are four cues from the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates on how to strengthen your marriage with your body language. 1) Look at your spouse in the eye when you’re speaking with him/her: […]

Living with an Angry Spouse

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One of the most common yet challenging issues I see when working with couples is anger. Anger is one of the most powerful and most destructive human emotions. The long-term damage it can have on a marriage can be irreparable as it tears apart the trust and safety in a relationship. Here are a few […]

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