Private Counseling Sessions for the Clergyman

Being a clergyman can be stressful. The Clergyman is a public servant and you are constantly giving of yourself to your congregants, yet often times you may be neglecting your own needs. Being a clergyman can have an impact on your marriage. Your family time may be limited and it may be hard for your spouse to live in a “fishbowl”. Where do you turn when you need help if everyone in the community knows you as their very own clergyman?

If you are a clergyman, get the resources that you need here at

Now you can get the help you so desperately need that protects your privacy as a public figure. Plus, Rabbi Slatkin understands the stresses of your job and can help you and your spouse get your relationship back on track.

Your spouse and family will thank you for it and so will your congregants.

Exclusively for the Clergyman

For more information about phone or online sessions click here or contact Rabbi Slatkin at 443-570-7598 or fill out the form below to schedule your appointment today. I am sensitive to your needs and I think you will find great relief in having this resource available to you as a clergyman.

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