There are 3 Ways for you to get the In-Person Imago Therapy that you deserve for your relationship Risk-Free

A video explaining the costs of imago therapy:

Weekly In-Person Imago Therapy with Rabbi Slatkin in his Baltimore office.

  • 1. Weekly Imago Therapy sessions serve as a “Personal Trainer” for your relationship, providing weekly motivation, maintenance, and accountability.
  • What one client called her Sessions:“The most relaxing time of her week”, weekly Imago Therapy sessions create an environment for you to reconnect, repair, rebuild, and strengthen your relationship with noticeable progress week in and week out.
  • A Minimum of 12 Weekly sessions is recommended in order to facilitate the growth process that will occur. A more lasting change can occur when skills are learned easily and built upon weekly through weekly Therapy sessions in order to create lasting change and promote new relationship habits.
  • Fee: $180 per (90 minute) Therapy session or Special Imago Therapy package: Purchase 11 therapy sessions up front for $1997 and receive the 12th free.
  • Click here for our Risk-Free Guarantee

2. 2 Day, 1 Day or 1 and 1/2 Day Intensive therapy Sessions in Baltimore

  • If you’re looking for serious momentum and intense focus to steer in the right direction, a 2 day, 1 1/2 day or 1 day therapy intensive may be just the thing you need to “jump start” your relationship.
  • 12, 9, or 6 hours of focused Imago therapy giving you a chance to really understand the critical issues of your relationship-how you got there, what’s not working, and the benefit of ending the day with the hope of new possibilities for your relationship.
  • Fee: 1 day of Imago Therapy- $997 1 1/2 day of Imago therapy- $1497 2 days of imago therapy- $1997 Backed by our Risk-Free Guarantee Special package: If you would like to follow-up with weekly in person imago therapy or imago therapy phone sessions, purchase 11 Imago therapy sessions up front for $1997 and receive 2 additional sessions free.

Here’s how you can benefit from Imago Therapy in YOUR location

3. 2 Day, 1 Day or 1 and 1/2 Day Intensive Marriage Counseling Sessions in your location

  • The Perfect option if you are unable to travel to Baltimore on a weekly basis. Additional travel charges apply.
  • Opportunities for weekly phone coachingĀ  follow-up sessions

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