How to Save a Relationship with Marriage Intensives

If you’re reading this page, perhaps you feel that your marriage/relationship is on the brink of collapse. And you’re not alone. So many people are desperately looking for how to save a relationship.

relationship therapyKeep reading to see if any of these questions fits:

– Are looking for a quick shift in your relationship?

– Do you need major momentum to get your marriage moving in the right direction?

– Do you want relationship therapy but distance prevents you from weekly in-person sessions with the Relationship Rabbi?

If you are looking to know how to save a relationship immediately and meaningfully, achieving real results in your relationship, then private full-day, day and a half, or two day Marriage Intensives may be for you.

You will have the opportunity to devote 6, 9, or 12 hours to focus exclusively on your relationship and to learn how to save a relationship!

Rabbi Slatkin will help you understand the most critical issues of your relationship- how you got there, what’s not working, and teach you tools that you can use to create a major shift in your marriage through Marriage intensives.

marriage intensivesBecause of the power of marriage intensives, you will be able to leave with the hope of new possibilities for saving your relationship.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from those who have experienced the life-changing effects of intensive relationship therapy sessions:

“Thank you for working with us in such a kind, compassionate, competent manner and helping to give us hope – hope that not only can our marriage survive, but actually thrive, flourish and become healing rather than destructive.” Barb S. New York, NY

Common questions you may have:

That’s a lot of money! Why don’t I just do weekly relationship therapy sessions? While it is more money up front, you will save money in the long run (Are you wondering how much intensive relationship therapy sessions cost?). Because of the momentum you build by focusing on your marriage in such a concentrated way, you will be able to make much faster progress in weekly relationship therapy sessions. This means less weekly follow-up sessions. The couples that have “done” intensive relationship therapy sessions have been able to bring up their major relationship issues much sooner than couples who just come weekly. Results are quicker and you will end sooner.

Finally, if you are not looking for a quick change but want to work in-person and can’t travel weekly to meet with me, then this is the perfect solution.

If you rather work weekly, phone-sessions are always available.

Will you travel to me?
Yes, I do travel for intensive sessions and the only additional charge is for my travel expenses.

Will we do anything differently than in a weekly session?

Yes, although you will learn many of the same wonderful relationship tools as you would in a 90 minute session, as you have less time constraints, you will engage in special exercises as well as learn eye-opening psycho-educational pieces that are not usually covered in a weekly session.

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