Now you can Benefit from Online Marriage Counseling in the Privacy of your own Home without ever having to be seen! Risk-Free!

Do you wish you could benefit from having marriage counseling in your own home? Or privately without having to go anywhere or be seen? It’s actually very simple to have a session with your spouse over the phone or online. (You’re probably already aware of the benefits that online counseling has to offer after reading this page)

One of the main benefits of choosing online marriage counseling versus in-person counseling is the privacy and convenience that it offers.

Simply schedule your online marriage counseling appointment by filling out the form below and you will receive a call back from myself walking you through the process of setting up your online capabilities.

I will ask you if you have a private area in your home with one phone with a speakerphone option or two cell phones that can dial separately into one conference call number. It will be much more comfortable if you have two headsets or bluetooths.

Skype is also a wonderful option for performing online marriage counseling. When you download Skype at, it is a free download, and all you will need is a high speed internet connection and a webcam.

  • Fee: $180 per (90 minute) session or Special package: Purchase 11 sessions up front for $1997 and receive the 12th free. Click here for our Risk-Free Guarantee

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