Successful Marriage Installment #5 –
5 Things you Can Do to Make your Good Marriage, Great!

In the last installment of Successful Marriage – 5 things you can do to Make your Good Marriage, Great!, you learned the value of making time to talk.

This installment of Successful Marriage will discuss the 5th thing you can do to Make your Good Marriage, Great!- making time to have fun.

successful marriagePlanning fun? How boring! While it may not sound so spontaneous, it may be the only way that you will ever get around to enjoying each other’s company.

My wife and I have had a standing date night for the last two or three years. We found a babysitter who comes every Tuesday night to give us an opportunity to get out and spend time together. While this does not substitute daily interaction, which is necessary, it keeps the relationship in a positive space and also defuses a lot of potential conflict.

By making a set time, you are demonstrating with concrete action that you are committed to your successful marriage. Couples often have the best intentions to spend time with each other, but in their hectic lives, they don’t always wind up making the time. Before we made our date night, my wife would nag me to go out. As I am more of a homebody, I presented an array of excuses on a regular basis. Although I wanted to spend time with her, my indifference sent her a message that I was not interested. Since I blocked out my Tuesday nights for the two of us, this issue disappeared. Once in a while something will come up and we need to cancel, but it rarely has a negative impact on our relationship because we know that we have made going out a priority in our relationship.

I have found this easy to generalize to almost anything significant in life. We all know the importance of exercise, yet why is it so hard for many of us to actually do it? My most successful periods of life, in terms of physical fitness, is when I have an appointment to work out. If you have a trainer expecting you or an exercise class you attend, you will show up. If you merely hope to get around to it, it is unlikely to happen.

If your generally successful marriage is going through a rough patch, date night is crucial.

It will help rekindle the flame and allow you to experience some of the fun times that made you fall in love with your spouse in the first place. This also provides hope for the relationship, reminding you of the many positive things that you still share together.

Pick a time for a standing date. I realize that we all have different schedules. Some of us work at night and have more time during the day. Others have a hard time getting a babysitter at night or it is too nerve-wracking to leave the kids. Whatever your situation, I am almost certain that you can find some time day or night to go out with your spouse on a weekly basis. My wife and I like to go out to eat. After years of going out on Tuesday nights, it has been easier for us to have a late breakfast or lunch date once a week. You have to eat anyway and it is a great way to enjoy each other’s company. After a few weeks, check and see if you have kept your commitment. Notice how your relationship feels. Do you notice a shift, an increase in positive energy? Keep up the standing date and tinker with it if need be so that it works for you and your spouse.

This was the last installment of Successful Marriage – 5 things you can do to Make your Good Marriage, Great! Today we learned:

– The importance of making time to have fun.

– Planning fun makes it a priority and ensures that it will happen

I hope you enjoyed Successful Marriage: 5 things you can do to make your good marriage great.

You learned 5 practical actions you can take to achieve an incredible, successful marriage!

1) Relationship Vision

2) Appreciations

3) Caring Behaviors

4) Making Time to Talk

5) Making Time to Have Fun

You can certainly implement this material on your own and achieve tremendous relationship success. If you are not a do-it-yourself type and could use my expertise to help you get moving through this process, feel free to contact me at 443-570-7598 in order to build upon your already successful marriage.