Roomates or Soulmates?

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as published on 4 ways to revive your marriage. Remember when you first got married, ready to conquer the world? There was nothing that you and your spouse could not overcome. Your love was strong and you swore you would never become a statistic. Yet, a few years later, or perhaps ten, twenty or […]

Save Your Marriage

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If your marriage is in crisis, the task of salvaging the relationship may appear daunting. In my experience of working with countless couples on the verge of relationship disaster, I have identified five proven steps to turn things around: Click here to read more of my latest article from, a summary of my latest […]

My response to comments on Did I Marry the Right Person

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My recent blogpost “Did I marry the right person” has generated some interesting responses. See below as I reiterate how you actually contribute to your marriage problems and must take responsibility for what you can, even if you feel your spouse is in the wrong.