Passover- Love Conquers All

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As we approach Passover (Pesach), I have been thinking a lot about how couples can release themselves from the bondage of their negativity. Couples often come in to my office stuck in their “stuff.” While we are usually able to break through and shift the energy in the relationship, some couples take more time than […]

Retirement and your marriage

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An Opportunity to Fall in Love Again You’ve dreamed for years of finally retiring and enjoying the rest of your life with your spouse. Little did you know at the time that your relationship would experience friction that you could have never imagined. Would you believe that couples who have “made it” thirty or forty-plus […]

Five Myths About Marriage

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You have all heard marriage is hard, don’t go to bed angry and other famous pieces of marriage advice. Are they fact or myth: Click here to read more from my latest article on

How to respond when your spouse is angry

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One of the hardest exercises for couples to do when practicing the Imago dialogue is to validate their spouse.  Validation is when, after hearing your spouse express her feelings, you let her know that “what you’re saying makes sense and you make sense.” But it doesn’t make sense! For many, it can be difficult just […]

The Enemy Within

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Just when I was beginning to recover (if such a thing is fully possible) after the horrific murder of an innocent little child in Boro Park, I hear the news about the killing of a holy Rabbi in Israel.  The feelings of trauma are rather acute, and what makes both of these situations even more […]

I don’t have time for our marriage

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I recently posted an article on parenting on entitled Successful Marriage, Successful Parenting- Three reasons why the most important ingredient in successful parenting is a successful marriage. This video is a response to a “hypothetical reply” from a spouse: I don’t have time for our marriage because I am too focused on the kids. […]